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Educational movers and shakers

The education arena has lots of people who are happy to offer their services to support schools with some that are better at it than others. These are some organisations and people that I choose to work with. Integrity is important to me as we cannot leave the education of our young people to chance. It is simply too important.

markMark Anderson is an independent consultant and speaker who specialises in teaching and learning, particularly using technology. He has been a mentor to Teach Learn Create in helping to support our development in the purposeful use of technology as a powerful pedagogical tool. His mastery in the innovative use of digital technology for teaching and learning inspires TLC to push to new heights. He has supported me to take risks and discover new possibilities about using technology with all learners – pupils, parents, carers and teachers so that my philosophy of marrying the thinking brain with the digital brain becomes a living reality.

One of Mark’s abilities is to inspire confidence and courage to test and try what may sometimes seem an insurmountable learning experience. However, his continued support in driving me to test my own capabilities is astonishing. It is with the greatest of thanks that TLC has him as a mentor.

You can find Mark on Twitter as @ICTEvangelist, with his website located at and his blog at

hywelHywel Roberts is one of the most enigmatic friends of TLC sharing our vision about changing the world of education so that the children we teach are equipped with the thinking and creative skills necessary to grow into well-rounded individuals in an ever-changing world. He is a creative imagineer of curriculum development and design and is a special friend to TLC as he believes that heartfelt education is the core to every learners journey.

Hywel can be found on Twitter at @Hywel_Roberts. His website is Create Learn Inspire.

ITLlogosmallIndependent Thinking is a unique family of some of the world’s most innovative and creative minds. The brain-child of the ‘Thunking man’ Ian Gilbert, ITL have been at the forefront of education for the last twenty years.

Their philosophy is to “do things no one does or do things everyone does in a way no one does” so that learning is continually challenged by taking risks and being different thus engaging children, teachers and educational practitioners in transforming 21C learning.

Independent Thinking is more of a network than a company and more of a movement than an organisation. It is with great pride and honour that I am an Associate Director of ITL.

You can follow ITL on Twitter at @ITLWorldWide or visit the website here.

atl-logoATL is one of the more progressive teaching unions who have shaped a vision for education in the UK and have an amazing CPD offer for their members created through the SHAPE education campaign.

The ATL members that Nina has worked with have an inner passion for creating the best educational environment for all those who are part of it.

You can follow ATL on Twitter at @ATLUnion and their site is here.

Dragonfly LogoDragonfly Training, the vision of Steve Chapman, is a practical and realistic training organisation by teachers for teachers.Teach Learn Create have a long-standing relationship with Dragonfly on a national and international basis. I would like to thank them for their continued support with Teach Learn Create.

You can find Dragonfly Training on Twitter as @Dragonfly_Edu and their online presence here.

crownTeach Learn Create is proud to have a long-standing relationship with Crown House Publishing. As the UK’s most prominent education publisher I am proud to be associated with them.

The team at Crown House have believed in my work and have the vision to share my thinking in the wonderful world of books they have published for me on behalf of Independent Thinking Press.

Their patience, support and commitment in working with me is to be highly commended as their work has helped me to produce books that are of the highest quality and something to be truly proud of. Thank you.

You can find Crown House on Twitter as @CrownHousePub and online here.

janeJane Hewitt is a very special friend of TLC as her creative work using the power of the lens is to be attributed to the majority of the images seen on this site.

Jane has the amazing ability to portray through a lens what others of us can only fantasise. She is an exceptional lady who has many gifts and talents when it comes to the power of visualisation.

TLC would like to thank Jane for her kind permission in using images on this site.

You can find Jane via her blog here or you can follow her on Twitter as @Janeh271.

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