Thoughts from people Nina has worked with

Praise for Nina

Nina has been lucky to travel the world working with teachers and educators in a number of different contexts and settings. Here are some words from some of the people she has worked with.

An educator with a heart of pure gold. Knowledgeable and full of fun, Nina is an educational number one.

Lisa Jane Ashes

Nina Jackson is the teacher you wanted when you were stuck in the middle of the classroom having your brain melted by your soul destroying teacher. Her wit and good humour bely an educator of great experience, wisdom and knowledge. She does indeed move in mysterious ways.

Hywel Roberts, Director, Create Learn Inspire

The positivity and love for life Nina emanates is infectious. When you work with her she will kindle a passion for what it is that you are doing that you were not even aware you had. Even long after you have worked with her it is her positivity that will continue to reverberate. Simply, because she unfailingly manages to emanate a true care and unconditional respect for everybody she encounters.

Candida Gould, Head of MFL, Cotham School

…we extend our warmest felicitations for daring to come to Ghana since it was your first time. In fact, your facilitation was fantastic. We really admired your show of experience and dexterity. We cannot quantify what we gained during the short period; however, be assured that our students shall see different teachers altogether.

Daniel Baani, Headteacher Tamale SOS Children's Villages, Ghana

Thoroughly enjoyable, brilliantly presented and extremely useful for my future teaching. All of the children will benefit in their coming lessons. Thank you.

Roy Falshaw, Danes Hill School

Nina was very funny, interesting and inspirational. She did a great day and made a serious day fun. Lots to think about. Wish all course providers were like her.

Karen Martin, Sully Primary School

…most fruitful training I’ve ever been to so far. I am very appreciative for the contribution and heart of Nina. She gets me inspired and stirs in me to improve with all the trainings that have been given.

Ann Ang Soo Luan, Destiny Academy, Malaysia

I am not at all surprised that I am just one of many people to recommend Nina. Her sense of fun, enthusiasm and passion for her work, is both contagious and inspirational. She presents in a way that is practical, with clear take away ideas that makes you smile, laugh and really reflect. If you are not aware of the work Nina does, you should make it your business to find out. I’m proud to be associated with Nina and everything she stands for.

Mark Finnis, Director, Mark Finnis Training and Consultancy Ltd

I know you shouldn’t have favourites but Nina Jackson is one of mine. An educator with a heart of pure gold. Knowledgeable and full of fun, Nina is an educational number one.

Lisa Ashes, Independent Thinking Associate

A truly amazing day. Nina was fantastic in her delivery and gave so many ideas on how to use technology in the lesson in order to make it ‘come alive’. Brilliant! PS, come back soon!

Philippa Waring, Portfield School

A truly giving and sharing practitioner with the true heart of education right at her very soul. I am inspired and learn from her every time I have the fortune to meet with her. She is a rare commodity in our education system and has a heart of gold.

Mark Anderson, ICTEvangelist

Exciting to see and explore app-smashing. Nina managed to tick several boxes for a wide-ranging group! I have new resources and will recommend many of them to families I work with.

Catherine Williams, Occupational Therapist, Handsup

Excellent – great to have another motivating training session with Nina again. Feel uplifted and full of fresh ideas to take back to the classroom. Thank you!

Eirlys Herbert, Ysgol Rhydygors
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