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Just a little reflection….

by Nina Jackson on December 29, 2016

Christmas is a difficult time for many, as it is for me. That’s another story for another time. But even though it’s tough, I find myself reflecting on the things that I value, love and am truly grateful for.

Here are a few things that I’d like to share with you.


I’m grateful for time with loved ones as I travel so much around the world working, doing my #ninjaontour, time moves very quickly.  When I am with those that I really care for, I value time with them as the most precious thing of all. Even time to chat or face-time when I’m away is special time for me. Life on the road is tricky at times, and I’m not just talking about traffic jams.  Sometimes just being with them is very special indeed. It doesn’t have to be a ‘what shall we do today’ kind of time, but just having them around, making them a cup of tea or just chatting. Sometimes no chatting at all, just sitting, being silent and in physical proximity to them is wonderful. I valued that time I had with my Tadcu during his last few months with me as the most magical of all. Just being together, no words, nothing, just being together. If he slept, that was fine. If he coughed, that was fine. If he opened his eyes and gave me a sign of approval for just being there, that was more than fine. Tadcu passed away at 96 a couple of weeks after the launch of me most recent book, dedicated to him, of course. 

Time with people is so precious as we only reflect on the time we didn’t have with them, when time has been taken away. Please everyone, value your time with loved ones, there isn’t enough time during our lifetime to be with them as much as we want.

Please also make time for yourself. Take a few moments here and there during the day to make time for you.

Little things

For me, the little things in life are the big things. The small gestures, the welcoming smiles, the friend that calls or texts and the importance of ‘Jim Jams & slipper’ (that may not be for all of you) to feel comfortable, ‘cwtchy’ and warm. I’ve always said that the three most important things for me are to be ‘Happy, Healthy & Safe.’  It’s these little things that make me experience those special HHS ingredients.

I love it when I can make a cup of tea for my loved one and sometimes, without lifting his head from the computer or whilst reading he says “Ta love” which is just lovely. It’s hearing him practising on the saxophone or composing arrangements for his jazz band that make me smile, make me happy. If he’s there, around me or in the house that makes me feel safe too. Not in a kind of security way, but in a loving safe way. I’m not one for expensive gifts or lavish dinners (although they are very nice) I’m one for the simple things in life which far too many of us take for granted until we have time to reflect on how important they are. I love chatting to some dear friends I have, who are often professional colleagues too. The array of topics we cover in our ‘chats’ should be documented one day, as you wouldn’t believe all the random, crazy, brain busting thinking moments that go on. I’m sure we’ve solved many of the world’s problems in our chats, but never have time to put them into action, that doesn’t matter for now, because the little thing of chatting, laughing and reflecting is very cathartic.

As a woman in the over 50’s club, it’s only now I am beginning to experience things that many of you would have had during your childhood. I built my first ever lego model at 51, all by myself may I add! Despite my partner offering to help as I think he wanted to show me how masterful he was at LEGO, it was important for me to know and treasure what I had missed out on. It was a triumph for me and I was so proud. I spend ages in toy shops and just adore Bubbles. Yes, bubbles. You may call me childish, but if you never had them as a child and now you can, without being told that you can’t, it’s a magical feeling of freedom and joyfulness. I could go on for a very long time about the importance on the ‘little things’ for me, but I guess this post wouldn’t be ‘just a little reflection!’


I love lists. I love writing them and ticking things off as it gives me a sense of achievement (even though I panic sometimes at how long my list of jobs are), and I use digital devices as well as that thing called ‘old fashioned pen and paper’. When writing lists it’s all about the pen too. Not any sort of pen, but the right pen. I have a fascination with pens, notebooks and the art of handwriting. Why? I don’t know.  But I sometimes think that handwritten notes or lists show that you are alive and kicking and makes your writing historical. You and your thinking and writing on paper. It’s an extension of you. Yes, I have weird ways of thinking at times….but that’s just me, me with my special Ninja ingredients, as all Ninja’s love to move in mysterious ways…..and think in mysterious ways too! When it comes to lists, I have different lists for different things. I like writing them in different notebooks or post-it notes, and have a special way of knowing what is where. It’s the Ninja way!

If I told you I had over 300 notebooks would it surprise you? Some are filled with notes and doodles when I first started teaching and others are full of Ninja thoughts, ideas, plans and moments of reflection. Each notebook has it’s special place you see. Each notebook has to be the right type of paper or it doesn’t get written in, so feeling the texture of the paper is as important as the feel of the pen when writing. Anyway, I better stop rambling about lists, pens and paper as I’ve got lots of things to write on today’s list. By the way, there are today lists, important lists, thinking lists, planning lists and just plain lists of lists!


Being Welsh you have to be a lover of tea, don’t you? I am. It’s my medicine. I need three cups of tea before my brain is even half wedged in my head. And I’m not talking any type of tea here, it’s got to be my special mind medicine tea, that of Welsh Brew!

Welsh Brew travels with me everywhere. I have a special ‘Emergency Tea Bag Tin’ to put them in. 

With the right type of configured placing tea bags, I can fit at least 20 in there! Along with the tin, I have to take emergency milk with me on my travels. Why do they never give you enough pots in hotels? Why does the milk taste weird in other parts of the world? Why do they give you hot milk with tea in some places? Honestly, I’ve had some weird tea experiences across the world, so it was time to take matters into my own hands. If I’m to function like a ‘Learning Ninja’ then I have to take Welsh Brew tea and emergency milk with me everywhere I go. It’s part of the HHS programme you see. A happy Ninja is a productive Ninja.

So, upon reflection, with the little things in life, tea and time, I’m quite a happy person really. I could write for days on end about all the other musings and particular things that make me tick, but that can wait for another day. I’d love to hear what your special things are, or even better if you’d like to send me your own little ‘post of reflection’ I’d be delighted to host and post here on my blog.

For now, I wish you all a great day, what ever you are doing and wherever you are.

Super smiles

Ninja – Nina Jackson @musicmind

Nina JacksonJust a little reflection….

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