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A-Z of great ideas for the classroom – BITMOJI

by Nina Jackson on June 17, 2016

What’s a Bitmoji I hear you ask?

A Bitmoji is your own personal emoji. You can use your self-created Bitmoji from a keyboard which becomes an expressive character of yourself. It’s all about YOU!

As you can see from the main blog visualisation Bitmoji can create a pretty good version. It’s very much like me, even the expressions!


Here are my ideas for you to use Bitmoji’s in teaching and learning:

Think about… 

  • Using them for students with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities to communicate their emotions and some key words with you.
  • Students who have Dysgraphia can incorporate them into their work.
  • How the Bitmoji’s can inspire and hook in learners to write stories – use alongside text.
  • Using them as part of transition when a pupil wants to share their personality, learning preferences or interests with you.
  • Using the Bitmoji’s instead of REAL photos of the students to share work and celebrate success.
  • How you could use your own Bitmoji as a teacher to give feedback as part of AfL – no need to pay out for stamps you can add a Bitmoji alongside some verbal feedback too.
  • Using your teacher Bitmoji to send out a new topic (or ‘own work’ as I like to call it!) as part of a video. Flipped learning at its best!

Bitmoji is available as an iOS, Android app as well as on Google Chrome and a great way to bring a little personality to any written text or communication. I’ve always loved Communication, Collaboration & Creativity with a difference.

Here are some great visualisation and ideas of what you may find, however, there are hundreds you can explore once you have created your own Bitmoji.


Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 15.35.59


As you can see these a just a small selection of how the Bitmoji app can help support students with communication, hooks into literacy, simple reading, emotions, feedback and so forth.

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As a great teacher you will no doubt see the potential of this great tool for your classrooms and beyond. If you choose to have a go and use it do let me know. I’d be thrilled to share your ideas too.

Nina Jackson @musicmind


Nina JacksonA-Z of great ideas for the classroom – BITMOJI

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