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FOUND! Special Teacher, Mrs Thom

by Nina Jackson on May 8, 2016

This weekend I thought I would turn into a detective. Not a Miss Marple, Poirot or Sherlock Holmes type detective, but one that could use the power of Twitter to investigate not a crime, but a celebration.

I came across a picture, which has gained much interest on Twitter and Facebook. It’s an unusual Homework set by a class teacher. I found it to be everything I would want for my own children. Heartfelt, sincere, addressing the wellbeing of children, and clearly shouting from the rooftops that data, tests and exams does not a great learner make.

It’s Sunday. The eve of the SATS tests here in the UK. The eve when many parents will be reassuring their children that they can only do their best. For some, they may need to give their children a little extra TLC due to anxiety and stress tomorrow may bring. Maybe not so much for these children who were fortunate enough to have a magical piece of homework set for this weekend.   

It is with heartfelt thanks that I would like to draw your attention to this letter/picture/homework set by a special teacher.

Here it is:


Thanks to a fellow detective Toni Reid @first4maths we have found the school and the teacher.

A very special thank you to YOU, Mrs Thom of J3, Bucklebury Church of England Primary School for giving all teachers, parents and children hope. Thank you for understanding the needs of the whole child and putting tests into perspective.

What a glorious weekend to have completed the Homework challenge too. I hope that all children were able to tick most of the activities, and most of all, you had a terrific weekend yourself. 

A big thank you from me, Nina Jackson @musicmind and no doubt so many others for making our weekend too.

Super smiles


Nina JacksonFOUND! Special Teacher, Mrs Thom

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