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DigiNinja & DigiPro – an EdTech Collaboration

by Nina Jackson on November 27, 2016

Once again I have returned to Cyprus to work in collaboration with DigiPro Computer Consultants  with training teachers across Cyprus in developing appropriate and impactful use of mobile technology for teaching and learning. This is my 3rd visit this year, and I have seen schools and teachers embrace new ideas, tools and techniques to ensure learners needs are met.  The focus of the conference was ‘Teaching And Learning With Mobile Tech From Kindergarten to Early Primary Years’ and once again had the privilege of working with Chryso Christodolou and her DigiPro Team.

The two day Conference allowed me to share my knowledge, skills and passion in the area of mobile tech, with a particular emphasis on Apple Technologies covering areas such as  Accessibility, Digital Literacy, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and the effective use of apps for the impactful use of Edtech. It’s always important to not just the use of apps and web based tools to substitute or separate the main body of the lesson, but about embedding technology within everything else you do.

The importance of this Conference was that teachers created their own presentations and shared these with us at the end of Day 2. I hope you enjoy some of these celebratory moments.

Here is a short video to celebrate some of the work.


Following the Conference, I visited 10 schools in 3 days with 2 hours support for each of them to ensure they were happy and confident in their work place embedding new tech tools and seeing the bigger picture with regards to EdTech.  I also had the opportunity to teach children some of the tools I had used with their teachers so they could observe what is possible. These were children as young as 4 years old up to 11 years of age. Teachers observed and could see how easy it was to make this happen.

What’s important to know about the education system in Cyprus is the long days and hours the children spend in class. They attend extra English lessons in specialist colleges and institutions. They value the English language to be able to converse, communicate and allow them to study further in Universities across the world through the medium on English. These ‘extra’ session are paid for privately by parents and almost every child in Cyprus takes these extra lessons. A financial commitment by parents.

Most children start school at 7.30am and finish formal schooling between 1.30 – 2pm. They have an average of a 1 hour break then go to these colleges and institutes to study English. I was amazed at their dedication and commitment to this. But, they were happy and healthy children embracing the world of learning in a resilient way. I was particularly impressed with the Language schools I visited who took some of the ideas over the two days and initiated them immediately in their classrooms.

Here are some memorable moments of the sessions at the Conference and visiting the schools.

I love technology for impactful learning.

I love to move in mysterious ways.

I love to see the impact of Edtech on learning.

I love being a DigiNinja helping others.

I hope this gives you an idea of my amazing experience here in Cyprus.

Over and out from a sunny Cyprus

Nina (aka Ninja)


Nina JacksonDigiNinja & DigiPro – an EdTech Collaboration

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