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Multifarious musings of unusual words

by Nina Jackson on August 18, 2015

The aesthesiogenic movement of #unusualwordsbuddy on twitter

As many of you know, I have a fascination with unusual words. Lost historical ones as well as unusual words created by children and words which have unusual sounds. I have written some previous blogs here and here on the literacy thread of unusual words. Since these blogs a group of us on twitter have begun to share some unusual words in the form of visualisations. I just wanted to give you an update with what we have created and thank everyone who has joined me, and those of you who may decide to join us following this post. It’s open to everyone.

There have been quite a few who have participated, but special thanks to Beth Bennett @bethben92, Sam Ashraf @samiash99, Jenna Lucas @JennaLucas81, Clair Bracher @cjabracher, Simon Johnson @clcsimon, Mark Anderson @ICTEvangelist, Theresa Young @treezyoung, Crista Hazell @CristaHazell and several others who have dipped in here and there, which is fantastic. Most of us have been trying to create at least one a day, so for your perusal here are our offerings.



As you can see there has been some serious dedication here! This is our collection over the last few days, yes you read it correctly, few days! Now there are more people who have joined the #unusualwordbuddy group on Twitter.

What I have in store for you in the next blog is something that students at a school created with the #unusualwords link a little while back. I do hope you will stay tuned for the next gallery update of #unusualwordsbuddy – whether it be from the lovely people willing to share their visualisations on twitter, or from the students in our schools and colleges.

This is a learning journey for us all, and I have certainly increased my vocabulary ! My next task is to try and use at least one of them every day in a sentence or conversation. Now, where’s the learning in that?!!!!

We would love to know your thoughts.

Thanks for perusing our gallery of #unusualwordsbuddy but for now…..over and out

Nina Jackson


*******Apologies to anyone left out of the gallery, maybe you didn’t use the #unusualwordsbuddy and if you have been left out, do not hesitate to let me know and I will include your visualisation in the next blog************

Nina JacksonMultifarious musings of unusual words

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