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Adscititious words and visualisations.

by Nina Jackson on August 22, 2015

My love of literacy with unusual words continues.

During previous blogs many of you will know of my fascination with unusual words and then creating them into visualisations. In this blog I would like to share with you some that students from Kelly McDonagh’s school in Cotham, Bristol have created. Some of the Year 7’s shared their words with me and I then appsmashed their words using Repix & Rhonna apps.

You may want to consider looking at a previous blog that I wrote about amazing teachers on twitter joining an #unusualwordsbuddy challenge. We have been creating almost one a day each and the last blog here entitled ‘Multifarious musings of unusual words’ has some amazing unusual words and visualisations.

Previously to the students creating their own words, I had been dabbling with some unusual words myself, visualising some I thought were quite good, but just using text and design at that point, no photos. I was getting quite hooked to be honest at pronouncing the word, and visualising them was a great task. Here are just a few of many that I had created.

I hope my fascination with unusual words will inspire you to think and look at words differently and get some of your students hooked into literacy and language in an unusual way.

Do let me know your thoughts won’t you?

Over and out for now….



Nina JacksonAdscititious words and visualisations.

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