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Dear Teacher, I’m sorry I broke the pencil…..

by Nina Jackson on April 2, 2016

Here’s a very special poem from a very special little boy.

Dear Teacher, I’m sorry I broke the pencil.


I’m sorry I broke the pencil,

In bits all on the floor,

I really couldn’t tell you

About the noise, the screams and roars.


I’m Ben, I’m 7, an Autistic boy,

Not sure if you knew?

I love felt pens, the colours, the lids

A pencil in my hand, my brain forbids.


Did they tell you that I cannot speak?

Only write and think, an occasional shriek

When noise and smells make my world a spin,

Worry not if suddenly my head’s in the bin.


It’s my way of telling you that everything is wrong

My brain, my body then weak not strong,

I can show you everything I know about Space

I feel great, I feel strong like I’m running a race.


I know facts, I know figures, I know everything you see

About Space, the planets and what’s out there, maybe?

It’s me and my special interest that’s fun

Not the pencil, that pencil, in my hand like a gun.


The noise in the classroom is so so loud,

The smells the colours come down like a cloud,

The pain in my head makes it so difficult for me

To work like the others, I’m special you see.


Please don’t treat me like I’m bad,

I just don’t like pencils, they make me so sad

The texture, the smell, the hard, hard tip

I don’t like the way they break and they chip.


I’m Ben, I’m special, I’m an Autistic boy

I love my world, it’s special, it’s joy

I’ll try and tell you as much as I can

When I write with my felt pens, and share my plan.


I know we’ve just met, and I’m sorry again

I broke the pencil in pieces and caused you such pain

I can pay for the pencil if that’s what you want?

But felt pens are better for me and my written font.


Maybe soon I can show you what I know about Space

Honestly, Dear Teacher it’s a magical place

Where planets and stars hold such interest for me

My brain gets excited, inside me, I’m free.


I just wanted to say that the lights are so bright,

Any chance we can dim them to get my eyesight just right?

The light is pains me, it makes me quite stressed

I know if they were dimmer, my brain it would rest.


I’m sorry, I’m sorry I broke the pencil in bits

Got angry, got nasty and with so many hits

I punched the table and threw it at you

But I’m Ben you see, Autistic and new.


I hope Dear Teacher, we can start once again

A journey together without any strain

I like the way you smiled at me

Once, when I arrived at the school at 3 (pm)


Your smile makes me happy, you look kind and nice

That pencil is now bothering me, what was the price?

I really can pay for it, if that’s what you want?

Please, please pencil don’t stay in my brain to haunt


My name is Ben, and I am 7,

I’m Autistic, I’m special and I love Space

Help me work like the others but only with pens

The felt ones are better especially in dens.


Did you know I like to be on my own?

In special learning spaces, me and my zone

Where I can think and share my love of Space

Where I feel safe, with warm embrace


Dear Teacher, I’m oh so sorry again

About the pencil, and my special brain

Not like the others but unique to me

I’m special, I’m Ben, I’m Autistic you see.


PS – I will be buying you a new pencil Dear Teacher and a pack of special felt pens just for YOU.

Sorry……..Ben – Aged 7


As today, is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay I felt that it would appropriate for us to know a little more about the special world of some special children. Remember that people with Autism have their own very special needs and talents. Everyone is different, everyone is unique.

You may also want to view this amazing video which may help with further understanding too, courtesy of The National Autistic Society.

Your thoughts and comment are much appreciated.


Nina JacksonDear Teacher, I’m sorry I broke the pencil…..

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