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Dear Mrs Nicky, I have a bad belly……

by Nina Jackson on March 29, 2016

Ladies & Gentlemen, we have a problem in our schools:

Here’s a little poem for us all to think about…….


Dear Mrs Nicky,

I have a bad belly, it makes me feel sick,

I have to run to the toilet, and I mean real quick!

I cry when it hurts and I cry when I’m sick,

Please make my bad belly go away in a trick.


I have a bad belly only when there are tests,

Exams and assessments, a time when I’m stressed!

When I have a bad belly I can’t do my best,

Only worry and worry and get more distressed.


Please lovely teacher take my bad belly away,

Only you and the others can keep it at bay.

If there weren’t so many tests and exams,

Maybe me and my belly wouldn’t end up in a sham.


Can you speak to that lady who’s making me sick,

My daddy calls her Nicky, the one with the stick?

He says she waves her finger in the air,

And tells off teachers with a nasty stare.


If she’s a mummy, I’m sure she’s kind,

No mummy would give you a bad belly, that’s really unkind!

Please Mrs Nicky, help my teachers, help me,

I don’t want more bad bellies, rather scrapes on my knees.


You see Mrs Nicky, if you help us in schools,

I’ll be better at showing my learning that rules!

I really love school when I share things out loud,

Even in assembly, my class, or a big massive crowd.


Writing it down just makes my belly all bad,

Sick and twisted, and me all so, so sad,

So help me Mrs Nicky, Daddy says you’re the only one who can,

Do that special thing and all tests to be banned.


Please Mrs Nicky make my bad belly go away,

I’ll use my pocket money to buy you flowers – a big bouquet!

If YOU don’t help me then I don’t know who will,

‘Cos all Mums in the world, like you, are so brill (aren’t they?).


I’m hoping you read this and help me today,

I don’t want anymore bad bellies ever this way,

I’m hoping and praying you can wave your magic wand,

So that you and I can have a lovely learning bond.


PS Mrs Nicky,

I’ve counted my pocket money and I’ve got £3.50 for some flowers for you.


This is only the tip of the iceberg surely? Care to share your thoughts?



Nina JacksonDear Mrs Nicky, I have a bad belly……

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  • Sam Ashraf - March 29, 2016 reply

    This is sad but true….you have described my lovely little girl! Year 6 SATS have sucked the fun out of her last months at primary. Anxiety meltdowns, at least twice a term. Sad to see my bubbly girl become so anxiety riddled.

    Nina Jackson - March 31, 2016 reply

    Thanks for your comments Sam. It’s a terrible situation that so many of our children are experiencing. It’s just not right. In fact it’s a terrible form of abuse for some.

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